Effective Tips on How to Avoid Constipation
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(prHWY.com) September 30, 2012 - Harrow, CA -- Constipation is an unpleasant health condition, which causes great discomfort. People suffering from constipation usually feel embarrassed and frustrated. Inability to pass dejection out of the body makes a person feel full, besides the defecation might be quite painful.

Every person at least once in a life time suffered from verstopfung. This health condition may appear quite unexpectedly and is usually caused by changes in the lifestyle and eating habits. It may be the consequence of poor diet or radical changes in diet, constant stress, childbirth, etc.

Most women suffer from constipation after the childbirth. Generally, a body needs from six to ten month to recover. Of course, there are various remedies that make defecation easier and less painful. Be patient and consult your doctor to find the most effective remedy.

Surgical procedures have negative influence on the intestinal activity and thus may lead to constipation. After any surgery it is recommended consulting a doctor, who will advise effective medicines, that will help you solve this problem.

Poor diet also leads to problems with defecation. Numerous researches show that constant consumption of frozen, processed, and canned food causes constipation. The absence of proper nutrition is only the primary cause of this health condition. Timely consumption of food during the day is also important for proper digestion.

The lifestyle is another major cause of constipation problems. In fact, the lifestyle a person sticks to influences the functioning of all organs. For example, if a person travels a lot in different time zones, he/she may have problems with defecation. The consumption of new food may also lead to this ailment.

If you want to avoid constipation or make defecation easier, it is necessary to drink more water. The lack of water in the body results in the number of health problems and poor intestinal activity is definitely among them. It is recommended drinking up to eight glasses of water a day.

Another common reason for constipation is stress. Stressful working hours or environment, family difficulties and other problems in personal life can cause constipation. Unfortunately, a vast majority of people having problems with defecation are not aware of this fact.

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