Crystal Carpet Is Now In The Bathroom Remodeling Business
( October 31, 2012 - New York, NY -- Whether you're looking to replace your tile or you need a custom shower enclosure as part of a bathroom renovation, Crystal Carpets has the products you want and the quality installation services to get the job done right.
Why is it important to invest in a Waterproof Shower System?
* It is a known fact that grout joints and traditional tiled showers are not waterproof and moisture can penetrate behind the tile.
* Tiles that are cracked and poor drainage can also cause water damage.
* Slow leaks can go undetected for years causing thousands of dollars in damage to replace and repair.
* Years later, builders close up or the warranty of the home has expired leaving the customers left with a huge remodeling bill.
* Major health problems can occur associated with mold and mildew.
What are the benefits to investing in a Schluter Shower System?
* Chad, the owner of Crystal Carpets liked the double water-tight barrier system of Schluter's Waterproof Kerdi Board and Vapor Tile Membrane.
* The Kerdi Board and Vapor Tile Membrane are lightweight and easy to cut through. Making it a breeze for installation and reducing the cost of labor.
* The Kerdi waterproof system is maintenance free and will last a lifetime! Also, Schluter Shower Systems have been showcased on HGTV.
Why hire the experts, Crystal Carpets to remodel your Bathroom and Shower project?
* All of our professional installers have anywhere from 15 to 35 years of experience in bathroom tile installation.
* They have been certified through Schluter by attending their seminars and workshops.
* Crystal Carpets is so impressed with the Schluter Shower System that we offer a lifetime Labor Guarantee against mold and leakage.
* We will come to your home and give you a free consultation.
* Enjoy the up-fit luxury of a bathroom remodel and get a better return of investment on your home.
Let Crystal Carpets' Professionals Install Your Next Shower Project.

If you'd like more information about this topic, or to schedule an appointment with one of our sales people. Please contact John, Scott, Luke or Steve at 910-452-4143 or email Chad at