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Introducing TradalyticsLive.com, a market research website which provides daily stock ideas with live internet radio support and the innovative Code Red Alerts stock selection iApp, which is the first app to be integrated with the E*TRADE Mobile Pro
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The idea of trading stocks and making a profit appeals to many, but the stock market can be a very treacherous place for those who don't have the proper training and support to navigate through it. Trading stocks can be very risky and people can lose a lot of money when they lack knowledge and don't know when to enter and when to exit trades. People need proper training, research and support when it comes to trading stocks - and they can get all that from http://www.tradalyticslive.com.

Tradalyticslive.com is a market research website which provides daily stock ideas and supports people in real time who want to learn how to trade stocks and navigate the market. It also has live internet radio commentary to give subscribers the proper support from professional traders to help them trade while the market is open. Training webinars are available to help people learn about the stock market from a technical analysis perspective, which includes learning how to identify chart patterns as well as key support and resistance levels. When people decide that they want to take care of their own investment future, they want to learn from people who have proven the can not only survive but flourish in the volatile markets, and that's TradalyticsLive.com.

TradalyticsLive.com also has developed an innovative iApp called "Code Red Alerts" in which their team sends stock alerts throughout the day. The alerts include fully drawn out chart visuals, buy/short triggers, target zones and stop losses before the move happens so subscribers are aware of what the pros are looking at before they get in to a trade. Once the alert is sent, if the subscriber decides that they want to enter a trade and they have an E*TRADE brokerage account, they simply click the E*TRADE button inside the iApp which launches directly into the E*TRADE Mobile Pro App. Once there, they arrive at the purchase screen, pre-populated with the stock ticker and trading parameters, select the number of shares they would like to trade and then submit their order within seconds. The Code Red Alerts stock Selection iApp is the first app of its kind to be integrated with the E*TRADE Mobile Pro App.

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TradalyticsLive.com is a market research website which provides daily stock ideas with live internet radio support to help people trade stocks. It also has developed the Code Red Alerts stock selection iApp to notify subscribers about high conviction trade setups in real time. Scott Mason, CEO of Tradalyticslive.com and the inventor of the Code Red Alerts system, is a professional Portfolio Manager and technical stock analyst.

For more information, contact Scott Mason at info@tradalyticslive.com or 386-490-8620.


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