The Characteristics of World News
If we are talking about world news, there are some characteristics why the news is included into world level. The first is related to the global issue. The second is about the popularity of the person or people involved in the reported occasion.
( December 21, 2012 - YK, Indonesia -- Countless occasions happen every day. Without any of our consideration, it is really possible for us to become the part of such occasions. Some of the occasions can be so special while the others are quite ordinary. When it comes to the occasions about world news, we are definitely talking about the special occasions. It is definitely next to impossible for an occasion to be a kind of world news if it is not that special.

You can take the example of how North Korea had launched its missile lately. Or, you can also take a look at the heat which is still happening in Gaza. This kind of news is the one which is considered to be included as the world news. So, what are the characteristics of the news so it can be said as world class news? The very first thing is that the news must have issues which contain global effects. The news related to the launch of North Korean missile certainly belongs to the world news because we all know that such thing might be considered as threat for the other countries. Perhaps, you might have known that the US is the one which is so furious about this occasion. Despite the fact that the missile was launched without any proper target, it still makes the US want to know more about the objectives of North Korea in doing this.

The second characteristic is related to the popularity of the person or people involved in the occasions. If someone ordinary has a car accident, it will not become world news. However, if a Hollywood celebrity is the one who experiences it, it will certainly become hot news. World news will also be reported by world class media. If we are taking television as the example, such news will be broadcasted on national or even international channel instead of the local one.


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