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BookWhirl.com Features Success in Education and Financial Investments with Dr. David Martin and Marvin H. Doniger
August 24, 2010
BookWhirl.com announces its August collection of featured book and author with Dr. David Martin and A Common Sense Approach to Successful Investing by Marvin H. Doniger.
BookWhirl.com Offers Big Discounts for the Lucky 7 Promo
August 16, 2010
BookWhirl.com offer discounts up to $490 to self-published authors when they take advantage of the Email Advertisement Campaign.
BookWhirl.com Launches its Service Starter Video Campaign
July 29, 2010
BookWhirl.com uploads its service starter videos online for public viewing.
BookWhirl.com Unveils Revised Mission and Vision Statements
July 27, 2010
BookWhirl.com announces its revised mission and vision statements.
BookWhirl.com Launches their First Pre-publishing Service through the Pre-published Publicity Package
July 27, 2010
BookWhirl.com announces the launching of the Pre-published Publicity Package.
Are Metals You Encounter Everyday Making You Sick?
July 19, 2010
Ultimate Press ReleasePeople cannot avoid all metals. MELISA® hypersensitivity testing identifies those that should be avoided.
BookWhirl.com Features the Value of Friendship and the love for Science and Writing
July 13, 2010
BookWhirl.com announces its new featured book and author with David Field and The Lonely Star by James Wilkinson.
BookWhirl.com Launches Refurbished Website
June 24, 2010
BookWhirl.com tops the month of June with the launching of its newly refurbished website.
BookWhirl.com Warns the Public on "Phishing" Email Scams
May 25, 2010
BookWhirl.com's official statement on "Phishing" Scam, a warning to all authors.
BookWhirl.com Debuts its Affiliate Marketing Program
May 25, 2010
BookWhirl.com launches its Affiliate Marketing Program for self-publishing companies.
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