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Information Security Experts Warn Against Rising Drive-by Attacks based on Java Functionality
January 12, 2011
In this case, attackers use the open connection method of a URL Class to connect a Trojan Application to the Internet.
New Path Breaking Research May Improve Information Security
January 11, 2011
Researchers at Hong Kong Chinese University are exploring ways to store and encrypt information in bacteria.
Conference Series Targeting Technical Information Security Professionals Making Spring Debut in Dallas, Texas
January 7, 2011
EC-Council launches the TakeDownCon series - a highly technical information security conference series that promises to be an excellent knowledge acquisition and skills exchange platform.
Kenyan Websites Under Attack from Hackers. Information Security Professionals May Improve Defenses
January 7, 2011
In the recent months, Kenya has repeatedly faced attacks on websites of government ministries, bodies and business organizations
Christmas Card Steals Privileged Information. Information Security Researchers Fear Cyber Espionage
January 5, 2011
xperts have identified that a variant of Zeus Trojan was used to install malware in computer systems. When unwary recipients clicked on the greeting card link, they were prompted to open a .zip file.
New Trojan Attracts attention of Information Security Professionals
January 4, 2011
Constant improvement in technologies and arrival of new devices including Blackberry, iPad, iPod and smart phones, which add to user convenience and experience have played a considerable role in increasing mobile phone usage.
Patient Records Breached at Geisinger Health. Computer Forensics Can Aid in Evidence Collection
January 3, 2011
Recently, Geisinger Health Systems revealed beach of information related to around 2,928 patients. The data revealed includes Protected Health Information (PHI) of patients.
Skimming Scam in New Zealand. Information Security Awareness Training May Lessen Cases of Crime
December 31, 2010
Thousands of people across the world are affected by crimes such as phishing, identity theft, unauthorized access to online accounts, skimming and fraudulent accounts. Lack of awareness on complaint procedures or tendency to avoid
IT training Crucial to Deal with Rising Hacktivist and Government Sponsored Cyber-Attacks
December 30, 2010
IT security professionals employed at crucial industrial and military facilities must be encouraged to upgrade their technical skills by undertaking security certification training programs such as
West African Countries to Fight Cybercrime. Online Computer Training Can Enhance Security Awareness
December 29, 2010
The all-pervasive nature of cybercrime necessitates collaboration among the various counter crime agencies.
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