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European Commission Hit by Cyber-attack
March 24, 2011
Recently, several websites related to various agencies of the European Union (EU) suffered a major cyber-attack.
Apple Releases Mac OS X version 10.6.7, Mitigates Bugs
March 23, 2011
Recently, Apple released version 10.6.7 for Mac OS X.
Adobe Mitigates Critical Flaws
March 22, 2011
Recently, Adobe released updates to Flash Player, Reader and Acrobat to mitigate critical vulnerabilities.
Google Updates Chrome Dev Channel to 11.0.696.14 and Fixes Bugs
March 21, 2011
Recently, Google updated the Chrome Dev channel to 11.0.696.14.
Google Issues Second Update for Chrome in two Days. Proactive Approach May Help Fight Cyber Threats
March 18, 2011
Threats in the cyberspace require proactive and coordinated effort from all stakeholders such as developers, businesses and Internet users.
Personal Information of Students Disclosed on University of York Website
March 17, 2011
In yet another data breach incident, personal details of 148 students were published on University of York website.
Adobe Alerts Users on Critical Bug in Flash Player
March 16, 2011
Recently, Adobe released a security advisory confirming the existence of a critical vulnerability in Flash player, which is being actively exploited by attackers.
Health Net Cautions Customers against Possible Data breach after Loss of Server Drives
March 16, 2011
Recently, Health Net, Inc., a United States (U.S) based medicare service provider reported loss of nine server drives, triggering fears of possible data breach.
ENISA Issues Suggestions to Deal with Botnet Threats
March 14, 2011
Recently, European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) released a report on detection, measurement, disinfection and defense from botnets.
EC-Council Launches Center for Advanced Security Training (CAST)
March 10, 2011
EC-Council has launched the Center of Advanced Security Training (CAST), to address the deficiency in highly technically skilled information security professionals.
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