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Internet Policy Task Force Issues Recommendations to Fight Challenges of Cyber Security
June 10, 2011
The Internet Policy Task Force, of the Department of Commerce, United States, has recommended a new framework for addressing Internet security issues.
Oracle's Latest Advisory Mitigates 17 Security Flaws in Java SE
June 9, 2011
The latest Critical Patch Update by Oracle addresses 17 vulnerabilities in Java SE.
New Zealand Releases New Cyber Security Strategy, Plans to Establish National Cyber Security Centre
June 8, 2011
The New Zealand government has developed a new cyber security strategy to combat the growing threats in the Internet space.
Adobe Issues Out-of-Cycle Update to Mitigate Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability in Flash Player
June 7, 2011
Recently, Adobe released an out-of-cycle security update for Flash Player to mitigate a universal cross-site scripting flaw.
Attackers Target InfraGard, a FBI affiliate
June 6, 2011
In yet another security breach incident, attackers stole log in credentials of members of InfraGard, an affiliate of FBI.
NHS Cautions Patients of Possible Data Breach
June 3, 2011
Recently, the National Health Service (NHS) Bury, in United Kingdom (U.K) reportedly alerted patients on possible data breach
Google Intercepts Spear Phishing Attack Targeting Military and Government Personnel
June 2, 2011
Recently, Google unearthed a major spear phishing campaign, which targeted military, government and media professionals.
Apple Releases Security Update to Fight Fake Security Software Campaign of Cybercriminals
June 1, 2011
Recently, Apple released a security update to detect and delete MacDefender malware and other variants.
Cybercriminals Target PBS Website, Post Fake News, Leak Confidential Information
May 31, 2011
Recently, attackers intruded into the servers and defaced Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) NewsHour blog site.
Security Professional Identifies New Cookiejacking technique
May 30, 2011
Recently, an Italian security researcher identified a new cookiejacking technique, which exploits zero day vulnerability in all versions of Internet Explorer to extract confidential information.
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