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Automattic Issues WordPress Update, Patches Security Vulnerabilities
May 27, 2011
Recently, Automattic issued an update for WordPress, the popular online blogging and publishing platform.
Sony Ericsson Faces Cyber Intrusion
May 27, 2011
In yet another security breach incident, cybercriminals intruded the servers of Sony Ericsson Canada.
Digital video recorder security labeled - one in all surveillance system!
May 26, 2011
26 May 2011 - World Eye Cam is proud to present weatherproof digital cameras and recorders as a complete package for replacing human security requirements. The solution includes all that you may need for protection in the outdoors
Attackers Target Turkish Online News Portals
May 25, 2011
Recently, several Turkish news websites suffered cyber-attack.
Attackers Target Sony Networks
May 24, 2011
Recently, So-net Entertainment, a subsidiary of Sony Corporation and Sony BMG Greece suffered security breach...
Security Professional Discovers Vulnerability on Professional Networking Site
May 23, 2011
Recently, a security researcher identified vulnerability associated with cookie management by LinkedIn.
Attackers Target Norwegian Military Systems
May 20, 2011
Recently, Norwegian Defense and military personnel were targets of a cyber-attack, designed to extract classified military documents.
Security Professionals Detect SpyEye Trojan Attack Targeting Verizon Customers
May 19, 2011
Recently, security researchers at Trusteer identified a SpyEye Trojan attack targeting Verizon customers.
French P2P Monitoring Firm Suffers Security Breach
May 18, 2011
Recently, Trident Media Guard (TMG), a firm designated by the French government to scrutinize peer-to-peer networks for copyright infringements suffered security breach.
U.K Government Departments and Private Organizations Fight Cyber Threat
May 17, 2011
Websites of government departments, private bodies and businesses in United Kingdom (U.K) are under constant cyber-attacks.
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