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Adobe Releases Update for Flash Media Server and Flash Player
May 16, 2011
Recently, Adobe released security update for Flash Media Server and Flash Player. The update mitigates critical vulnerabilities, which could cause remote code execution and allow attackers to gain control of compromised computers.
Data Breach Incidents Attract Law Suits from Customers
May 13, 2011
Organizations are facing legal and regulatory challenges after security breach incidents.
Data Breach Incidents Expose Individuals to Identity Theft, Spear-Phishing and Fraud
May 13, 2011
Data breach incidents expose users to varied threats such as identity theft, fraud, scam e-mails and spear-phishing attacks.
Scammers Target Internet Users with Counterfeit Anti-Virus Software
May 13, 2011
Internet users must be wary of social engineering schemes used by cybercriminals to extract sensitive information.
Websites of Pravda, NASA and American Universities Face Security Breach
May 13, 2011
Organizations must conduct regular security evaluation to mitigate website vulnerabilities.
Security Professionals Alert NACHA Members on Zeus Trojan Attack
May 5, 2011
Internet security firm Sophos has alerted users on a new scam, wherein Trojan targets members of NACHA.
Cybercriminals Exploit Osama's Death to Deceive Internet Users
May 4, 2011
Cybercriminals are leveraging the news of Osama bin Laden's death to spread malware.
Cybercriminals Target Internet Users with SEO Poisoning Attack
May 3, 2011
The latest attack identified by security researchers at Sophos, attempts to capitalize on the Google image searches on various topics
Mozilla Issues Seven Security Advisories to Fix Vulnerabilities
May 2, 2011
Recently, Mozilla announced seven security advisories to address multiple vulnerabilities, which could allow arbitrary code execution, information disclosure, privilege escalation and directory traversal.
Proactive Data Security Measures Crucial to Prevent Unauthorized Access
April 29, 2011
Data security is the buzzword to maintain customer trust and unhindered business activity.
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