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Google Adds Speech Input Feature in Chrome 11
April 28, 2011
Recently, Google updated the Chrome stable channel to 11.0.696.57. The update also mitigates 27 security vulnerabilities.
Security Researchers Caution Smartphone Users on Information Security Threats
April 27, 2011
Recently, security researchers identified security flaws in Wi-Fi, which could be exploited to extract sensitive information and conduct identity theft and fraud.
Security Experts Identify New Egyptian and Libyan-themed 'Nigerian Spam' E-mails
April 26, 2011
Recently, security researchers at Kaspersky Lab identified a new set of 'Nigerian spam' e-mails.
IT Security Experts in Iran Discover New Virus Attack
April 26, 2011
Last July, the discovery of Stuxnet worm, which targeted industrial installations, created alarm among cyber security specialists. Recently, security professionals in Iran identified another new cyber espionage virus named 'Star'.
MSVR Advisories Notify Users of Security Flaws in Chrome and Opera
April 22, 2011
MSVR advisories will contain alerts on vulnerabilities privately reported by Microsoft to third-party vendors and will normally be issued only after vendor-supplied patch is available
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Hit by Cyber-attack
April 20, 2011
Recently, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) detected cyber-attack forcing the organization to shut down website and suspend Internet access.
Apple Patches Security Flaws
April 18, 2011
Recently, Apple released security updates to address multiple vulnerabilities in various products.
Security Researchers Caution Users on Facebook Malware
April 15, 2011
Recently, security researchers identified a new malware campaign, which targets Facebook users.
Microsoft's Patch Tuesday Resolves Security Flaws in Internet Explorer
April 14, 2011
Microsoft has patched four privately disclosed vulnerabilities and one publicly disclosed vulnerability in Internet explorer (IE). The security update resolves the use-after-free bug, which was successfully exploited during the Pwn2own contest.
SQL Injection Attack on Barracuda Networks Exposes Confidential Data
April 13, 2011
Recently, Barracuda Networks suffered SQL Injection Attack. The attack led to disclosure of confidential information.
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