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Apple Issues OS X Lion, Mitigates Security Flaws Associated with Safari
July 21, 2011
OS X Lion, the much-awaited operating system is finally available for download from the Mac Application store of Apple. Apple also updated Safari to 5.1.
Google Introduces New Warning System to Alert Users of Malware Infection
July 20, 2011
Google has initiated a new malware warning system, which alerts users to the possibility that their computer systems are infected.
Lulz Sec Returns, Plants Fake Story on the website of The Sun
July 19, 2011
Lulz Sec, the disbanded cyber-attack group has resurfaced again. In the latest attack, Lulz Sec targeted various British websites related to the Rupert Murdoch owned News Corporation.
Department of Defense Announces Five-Pronged Strategy to Operate in the Cyberspace
July 15, 2011
Recently, the U.S Department of Defense (DOD) released a new five-pronged strategy for operating in the cyberspace.
U.K's New Counter-Terrorism Strategy Indicates Use of Online Technology by Terrorist Groups
July 14, 2011
United Kingdom's new counter-terrorism strategy has identified growing use of online technology by terrorist organizations for perpetrating crime.
Security Researchers Identify New Survey Scam Offering Google+ Invites
July 13, 2011
Security researchers recently identified a malicious website, which attempts to leverage the demand for Google+ invites through survey scams.
Anonymous Strike Booz Allen Hamilton in Military Meltdown Monday Campaign
July 12, 2011
In yet another security incident involving a defense contractor, Booz Allen Hamilton, suffered massive security breach.
Cyber-attack Group Compromises 17,000 E-mail Accounts
July 12, 2011
Recently, a cyber-attack group called Connexion reportedly published around 17,000 e-mail addresses and passwords pertaining to United States (U.S) government and military agencies on a third party file sharing site.
Cyber-attackers Hijack Sony Music Ireland Website, Post False News
July 7, 2011
Recently, cyber-attackers defaced the website of Sony Music Ireland and planted fake stories.
Governments and Businesses Pool Resources to Create New Global Cyber Security Alliance
July 6, 2011
Recently, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom (U.K) came together to support a business-led International Cyber Security Protection Alliance (ICSPA).
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